Embark on a sonic journey with 'Experiencing New' by Lukas Haber ft. David Sanwald. Electronic jazz meets old standards, saxophone magic & unique twists.



Step into the innovative realm of 'Experiencing New,' a groundbreaking album by Lukas Haber featuring the sensational saxophonist David Sanwald. This musical odyssey fuses the timeless charm of old jazz standards with the pulsating energy of new-age electronic jazz. Each track is a sonic adventure, where familiar melodies are ingeniously sampled into hip-hop and lo-fi hip-hop beats, creating a captivating fusion of the past and the present.


At the heart of this musical tapestry is David Sanwald's virtuoso saxophone performance. His emotive saxophone themes breathe fresh life into classic compositions, infusing them with a contemporary vibrancy that's both enchanting and invigorating.


But 'Experiencing New' doesn't stop there. Each song is a journey, a kaleidoscope of soundscapes, where unexpected twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat. It's a musical narrative that unfolds with every note, blending the familiar with the uncharted to create a truly unique listening experience.


Prepare to be transported to a world where tradition and innovation collide, where old meets new, and where Lukas Haber and David Sanwald's artistic synergy shines brightly. 'Experiencing New' is not just an album; it's a sonic exploration, an invitation to reimagine the boundaries of jazz and electronic music. Get ready to embark on a remarkable voyage of musical discovery.

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